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10 Superfoods Healthier Than Kale

In the world of marketing, image is everything. If you're James Franco or Roger Federer or Taylor Swift, your name and face can be used to sell anything from phones to watches to perfume -- even if you're not necessarily famous for the your tech-savvy, your promptness, or the way you smell. In the

Ten reasons why you shouldn't vaccinate your children

Vaccinating a child or not is an important decision that every parent must make. But not all parents understand the true risks involved, risks that could leave a child debilitated for life, or even kill him. The pro-vaccine mafia is quick to sweep all cases of vaccine-related injury and death under

A dirty mind is a SHARPER mind: Sexual thoughts boost memory, expert claims

You may have been brought up to avoid thinking rude thoughts. But they could actually keep your mind sharp and help you remember facts, one expert claims. The Grand Master of Memory, Ed Cooke, says that rude and violent thoughts are more memorable and can be linked with other information to help

10 Strategies for Better Digestion

We all want our cake and to eat it too — especially during the holiday season.  While all the holiday fare may taste great at the moment it often leads to digestive aftermath in the form of indigestion and bloating.  Here are 9 simple ways to give your digestion a boost: Avoid drinking much with

An Unexpected Exercise That Targets Belly Fat

By now, you probably know that upping the ante on your core workouts won't unveil the six-pack abs of your dreams. It's simply impossible to reduce body fat in a specific area, no matter how much you curse that little something extra around your middle. However, that doesn't mean that strength

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